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            World Cancer Day is chosen on February 4 by the Charter of Paris 2000. It aims at raising public awareness of cancer and encouraging its prevention, detection, and treatment on that day via advocacy campaigns. The UICC, founded in 1933, is a global consortium of more than 400 cancer-fighting organizations in over 120 countries...


            Tobacco Use
            Healthy Diet & Physical Activity
            Vaccine Injection
            Sun Exposure
            Headquarter Event
            In the morning of Jan. 20th,Chinese Anti-Cancer Association, jointly with Tianjin Anti-Cancer Association, held the“Today’s Children, Tomorrow’s World” themed events in the hall of Tianjin Arts School. Tianjin Arts School and other 4 middle schools were invited to develop the creative activities with regard to drawing, cartoon, as well as selection of them, focusing on such main themes as scientific sun protection, healthy diet, moderate exercise and avoidance of passive smoking. The events aim to guide the vast numbers of teenagers to have a deep understanding of how improper living habits impair their physical condition and even others in the process of deliberation and creation. Concerning the collection of works, substantial support from leaders and teachers and active participation by students of 5 schools were available. There were over 100 pieces of works collected in every respect, among which 54 were selected as shortlists and 9 were awarded “Excellent Works Prize”...
            Students works selection
          Tianjin Arts School
          Tianjin No.2 Middle School
          Tianjin Foreign Languages School
          Tianjin No.48 Middle School
          Tianjin No.24 Middle School
            Local Event
            Accoding to the theme of 2011 World Cancer Day—Cancer can be prevented, 36 local anti-cancer associations and 30 professional societies launch various campaigns including seminars, consultations, free medical checks, and art performances of survivors etc. The events aim at disseminating information and increasing the public concern on cancer prevention and treatment, and achieving the goal of improving people’s life quality ultimately.

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