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                Conclusion of the 16th National Cancer Week

                CACA has collected some information on the 16th National Cancer Week (NCW) from its local associations and professional associations. The theme of 16th NCW is Love life, Scientific Anti-cancer, Better life. Cooperated with Chinese Preventive Medicine Association, CACA focused on cancer prevention and launched a series of public education programs about tobacco control, alcohol control, healthy body-weight, balanced diet, enough physical-practice, vaccination and attention to pre-cancer lesions.

                CACAs local anti-cancer associations and professional committees had launched diverse kinds of activities. Tianjin Anti-Cancer Association organized 17 activities, including pubic-benefit education, consultation, discussion and sports meeting. People Daily, Xinhua Press, China Daily and China News interviewed Prof. HAO Xishan, president of CACA. Heilongjiang Anti-Cancer Association raised 110 thousand yuan for Mr. CHEN Yanbao, a mandibular tumor patient. This event was reported by the mass medium for over 30 times. Over 3,800 people benefited from the free diagnosis organized by Shandong Anti-Cancer Association, and upward 30 thousand flyers that included cancer control knowledge were send out during the NCW.

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                Hai nan
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                Bei jing

                According to incomplete statistics, fifty five hospitals and 152 academic communities and medical colleges has hosted 106 forums and 153 public-benefit consultation activities. Around 188,660 flyer was send out. Upward 800 oncologists made their contribution. At least 76,000 people benefited from the 16th NCW which was reported by 153 mess medium.

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