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                ¡µManuscript Submission
                ¡µManuscript Review

                Editorial Process

                Manuscript Submission

                All submissions must be made electronically through submit online system. Before submitting a manuscript, corresponding authors are expected to be familiar with all CACA journal editorial policies and the scope of the journal to which they are submitting. The Authorship and Contributorship section in Editorial Policies details the responsibilities of the corresponding author. Additional details on how to submit a manuscript are available at the website of each journal.

                Manuscript Review

                Checking for Scientific Misconduct

                All manuscripts are screened for text reuse against previously published works, including the author¡¯s own, with a plagiarism detection system. If plagiarism or self-plagiarism is identified, manuscripts will be rejected at this stage.

                Editorial Review

                All submissions undergo an initial editorial review by scientific editors or editorial board members. Submissions are judged on its scientific excellence, novelty, importance, and impact on the wider cancer research community. Manuscripts that meet these initial editorial standards are sent for peer review. Manuscripts that do not meet these standards will be rejected at this stage.

                Peer Review

                Submissions qualifying for peer review will be sent to at least two expert reviewers for unbiased, independent and critical assessment. Peer reviewers¡¯ identities are kept confidential, but authors¡¯ information will be provided to the reviewers. Reviewers are asked to provide an overall recommendation supported by detailed comments on the quality and originality of the science as well as the applicability and impact of the reported results and conclusions. In addition, the scientific validity of statistical analysis and data of clinical trial articles will be evaluated by reviewers. The scientific editor should collect at least two valid comments about the manuscript. Solicited articles will also be sent out for peer review.

                Editorial Decisions

                The scientific editors will render a recommendation to the Editor-in-Chief based on the reviewer comments. The Editor-in-Chief will make a final decision based on reviewers' and editor¡¯s comments.



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